4234 Property Church Rd

Charlotte NC 28269

AListing Price  $179,900

MLS# 3627264


Listed by Lindsey McCauley    



Common Questions and Answers:

Buyers agent to confirm all pertinent information to their clients. 



Will the ground perc?

 Yes, as far as we know. Several years ago the ground was professionally graded and compacted, several trees were removed and 10 high berms were added around the edge of the property to provide privacy from/to the villages of Leacroft neighborhood.  Bulldozers and grading machines compacted much of the property.  The areas least affected were near the back of the property where berms do not exist.


What can you tell me about the septic system?  

The system has been in the home since before it was purchased in early 2003.  The tank has been cleaned once since it was purchased.  No problems encountered over the years. 


What can you tell me about the well pump and house?

 The well house had a new roof added to it about a year ago (2019) and a new pump was added less than one year ago (2019).  The new pump is under warranty and gives good water pressure to the home.  The well was inspected at that time and has good access to water. The house does require periodic filter changes. The filters are located at the back side of the house nearest the crawl space door and A/C unit.


What can you tell me about the A/C unit?

The A/C unit was replaced with a new system late 2019 and is under warranty and is less than a year old.


What can you tell me about the roof on the main house or barn/shed?   The main house had the roof and several pieces of sheet wood replaced around 2005.  The roof on the shed/barn is original to the barn. The barn has seen better days and can keep some items dry and protected from the sun.  However, the roof on the barn does have leaks.  The barn does have electrical outlets.  The same applies to the small house that has served as a laundry room and chicken coup area.   


Can I get cable TV at the house?    Yes  Time warner does have cords and cable that come to the property.   You can also use direct TV.  


Is their an HOA?  No  There is no HOA for the property.


What is the property zoned?   The property is zoned R3.  Can this be changed?  you will need to speak to  an attorney for information on this topic.


Is the property landlocked?  North Carolina does not allow for land locked land.  There is an easement that goes all the way to the street.  There is an easement driveway agreement that is in the realtor attachments.  The property does not have what is considered road frontage.


Can I build on the property.  Yes  Please check with local city and county rules and regulations as to what you can do.


Can I have horses on land?  Yes there are no HOA restrictions that we know of. However, do check with local city and county regulators. 


What can you tell me about the driveway?  The driveway at its narrowest spots around 10 wide  and 18 at largest width.  The driveway is not dirt, it consists of pressed and compacted asphalt millings from the old prosperity church road before it was widened.  Sealand corporation performed the work.



Why did the property go off the market recently in 2020?  The property was rented and the new buyers did not want the tenant to stay.  The month to month lease was cancelled and the tenant did not want to leave timely, so an eviction for possession ensued during covid-19.  Once the property was vacated the timing and personal issues for the buyers prevented the sale from moving forward.